I have created this website to warn you about the BUTCHER, HACK body modification “artist” EMILIO GONZALEZ [ @emiliobodymod ]. And also to warn you that eyeball tattoos get screwed up a LOT more often than is made public, even by “artists” who are well known and regarded as experts at it.

In early May I had my eyes “tattooed” by EMILIO GONZALEZ in Miami, Florida. I spent years researching the procedure and chose him because he is one of the original ‘inventors’ of eyeball tattooing and has almost a decade of experience and a good reputation.

He totally screwed up the final injection in my left eye by injecting undiluted tattoo ink (which is very corrosive on its own). Emilio knew he screwed up from the moment he did it because of how he jerked his arm away from my face after doing it and making a “pssss” sound as he did. Over the next 7 days he lied to me morning, noon, and night by Instagram chat and video, telling me all the swelling and blindness I was experiencing were totally normal because comon, I just got a needle in my eye, right? I was terrified and he reassured me that I was doing great - never a bit of concern in his voice.

When I finally decided that I needed to go to the hospital and I messaged him as I was riding the train there, he calls me all nervous saying I don’t want to do that because the doctors will just laugh at me (they didn’t, and I knew they wouldn’t). When I told him the opinion of 5 eye doctors, his response was “get a second opinion”. Not once did he ever say, “that looks concerning, you should get it looked at.” I spent a week in the hospital - the doctors did all they could and said “hope for the best”. Ultimately, 3 weeks after the procedure, my left eyeball was removed in emergency surgery in New York City at one of the top-5 best hospitals in the world. One day after my birthday.

I trusted EMILIO GONZALEZ unconditionally with my eyesight and he lied to me as I went blind and lost my eye!!! He still refuses to accept responsibility for anything he has done. He is one very sick individual who cares about nobody but himself. He doesn’t care one bit about the health of his clients!

There are a lot of details to this story. I am not without blame and made some stupid choices, and I admit to every single one of them in the full story below. I am not hiding anything, because if I did he would make up all kinds of lies to fill in the blanks. Photos with timestamps, screenshots of our entire conversation, medical records, and my statement to the police that I will swear too in a courtroom. It’s all here for you to decide.

If you think that my mistakes outweigh his carelessness and lies, then you are enabling him to hurt even more people. He hurts his clients and keeps it a secret. I would not be telling my story either if he ever once told me to seek treatment, because I accepted the risk of losing my eyesight. But I lost my eye because he cares about nobody but himself and lies to people to cover his fuckups.