Emilio defends himself with the following claims, so I want to address them here. I want to believe that 98% of all the information is on my website. I do not intend to hide a single thing. I admit to every. single. one. of my mistakes, on this website, because if I do not then accusations can be made in the absence of information. That's what this page is intended to do.

Emilio wants to deflect blame off himself and onto me by misrepresenting our conversations and accusing me of being reckless and not following his instructions. I strongly disagree. I have many, many body modifications and piercings and tattoos and not once ever has one gotten infected or had trouble healing. I'm not stupid and take great care to heal them properly. If I ignored aftercare, then why did my eyeball swell up so much less than an hour after the procedure? And why didn't you ever once say, "I think you need to get that looked at"? I trusted you 100% and would have gone immediately. All you ever told me is "2 weeks bro, 2 weeks, trust me, happens all the time bro."


I am slandering him

Seriously? He's the victim now?!
He knew he fucked up when he did it. I describe his reaction in the Full Story

I lay out on this website all the information I have. Emilio may have a few other photos or recordings that I am unaware of, so I can't say for certain that 100% of it is on this website, but I am not hiding a single one of my mistakes.


I touched my eyes a lot, and didn't follow aftercare instructions.

I held my eyelids open a lot yes, to constantly take photographs and see what was happening. I was extra careful not to touch my eyes, and I washed my hands constantly. I irrigated my eyes with water as he told me to do. I used the eyedrops he told me to use, as he told me to use them: 5x a day for 3 days, then 3x a day for the next 4. I was extremely, extremely careful with following his aftercare instructions EXACTLY, because I wanted so much for it to heal. I have a whole bunch of other modifications and piercings and not once has one gotten infected or had any problem healing. Those were done by true professional body modification "artists" who actually care about the well-being of their clients.


He wanted to talk to the doctors and visit me in the hospital

What was he going to say? Tell the doctors they're wrong? At least he had already answered all the questions that the doctors told me to ask him. What was he going to do if he saw me? Come heal me? No way do I want to see this asshole! He was of no more use to me.


I partied too much

I did not touch or consume drugs for months prior, nor for a long while afterwards. Period.

I love dancing to house music with my friends and wearing funky outfits and meeting new people. I go out many weekends, and yes I did go out dancing the night before the procedure for a couple hours because I was so excited I couldn't sleep, and was bored and fidgety and restless and excited to stay home. I am pretty certain that the only things I had to drink was a red bull or 2, and water. I spent 2, maybe 3 hours at the party and left by 2am if I recall correctly. I needed to be at the airport by 5am to catch my 6am flight and I was impatient to go! So yep, I went to a party the night before the procedure.

I flew to Berlin, Germany for work on day 4 - Wednesday. My employer was holding a party on Friday to celebrate new investment. I wore dark sunglasses from the moment I arrived in Germany, including in the dark venue at night, because the ink in my eye was oozing out so much and so thick that it was smearing on my face, and the pressure of the loud music made it throb. 
I went with my colleagues straight from the office after work, ate some really really great food, had a beer or two, danced a bit, and was the first of my team to leave, around midnight. All food and booze was free and I would love to have stayed and had a good time, but I felt sick and antisocial and sad. 

I consumed lots of drugs and alcohol

I did not consume drugs for months prior, nor for a long while afterwards. Period.

Emilio has a couple photos of me drinking beer after the procedure. Several days later. Fair enough. Yes I did enjoy a frosty cold, 4%abv Guinness in my backyard on a hot sunny day when I was too embarrassed to go to work and face my coworkers. And yes I did have a not-so-tasty 4%abv Berliner Kindl while at my hostel in Germany, trying to cool my nerves after stepping off the airplane a couple hours prior. Did I intend on having a really great time while visiting Berlin? You betcha!! Did I? No, I spent a week in an East German hospital instead.

I'm not claiming that I don't like to enjoy responsibly on occasion - many of you do too. And yes, as I say in one of the chat screenshots on this website, LSD can be a beautiful and very spiritual chemical that can make you think deeply about yourself and about life. I had not used it for a while prior to the procedure, nor any other illicit substance. I had stopped using my (legally-purchased) THC vape too.

And ultimately, his accusations involve nothing with the procedure itself and do nothing to explain why my eye swelled so much less than an hour afterwards.


I said I loved my eyes, a day after the procedure

I made a post in a private body modification facebook group the day after the procedure saying how in love with my new eyes. One photo has my whole face from a distance and was taken about an hour or two afterwards. When I began to express concern about my symptoms the administrators deleted my post and banned me from the group. This is one reason that I have waited more than 6 months to make this public.