The chat logs below are a portion of our conversation - most of which was via Instagram chat [audio]. Typically it went like this: I would message him with my fears and worries, he would call, tell me to show him, and then he would insist it was healing great. He seemed like he cared, and I wanted so badly for this to be a success that I honestly believed him when he said I was getting better. Not once did he ever even say, "that concerns me" or "I think you should get that looked at". These logs demonstrate that.

Some parts of the logs are censored to keep the privacy of those in the photos and information that could identify them. If I honestly had something to hide, as his friends accuse, then I wouldn't show you what parts I censored. 

tl;dr: the links in bold are the most important. Some of the images are large and may take a moment to load. 

(1) Planning - March 2019

(2) Planning - March 2019

(3) Procedure & GO BLIND May 4-6, 2019

(4) Days 3, 4, 5 | May 6 - 8, 2019

(5) Days 5-6

(6) Day 6

(7) Day 6

(8) He sends me nasty photos | Day 7

(9) At the hospital | Day 7

(10) Day 7 - 9

(11) Day 9 - 10

(12) Day 10

(13) I lose my eye | Day 15 - 24